Taking the backroads...Sometimes, we take them intentionally; other times, unknowingly. Either way, we end up avoiding the hyperactivity and hustle of the highway. It takes a little longer, but the "road less traveled" is more scenic and well worth the detour.

The backroads are a great metaphor for how Tori Gay found her calling to music ministry. "I took a back way to ministry," says Tori. "I initially started with a desire to 'make it' in the music industry. Out of that came the making of a CD. Eventually, out of that, came the call to a true ministry." Tori started her journey toward a music ministry in 2004, but it took a few years of wandering on those backroads to end up at a point where she finally started to identify the specific mission God had for her.

Tori's love for Southern Gospel music and a powerhouse voice make a great combination on the musical front. Audiences are captivated by her strong performance skills, authentic personality, and natural humor. On a deeper level, Tori's ministry is dedicated to helping others remove stumbling blocks that hinder their Christian walk. Tori admits, "I'm a recovering people-pleaser. I always wanted to keep others happy and be who they wanted me to be. In doing so, I tied God's hands from turning me into who HE wanted me to be! Now, I want to help others remove some of their own obstacles."

As she meandered down the backroads, Tori discovered new territories. "I've been dabbling in songwriting since childhood, but a few years ago, I realized the Lord had developed that interest into a vital part of my ministry." In addition, she also expresses her overflowing ideas in articles and various non-written formats.

Stating that "time is short, and the devil's getting desperate", Tori wants to use her experiences to edify the Church, so that non-Believers will find hope and help in God's people. Confident in her calling and comfortable in her Christianity, her desire is to see her brothers and sisters in Christ take their own backroads that lead from various states of spiritual infancy to fully-equipped Kingdom warriors.

Tori has performed at numerous churches and festivals, and she was featured at the 2012 MS State Quartet Convention, where she was nominated for Soloist of the Year. She also had radio success with "The Church will Prevail", a release from her "All in His Time" project - a song that made its way to the Christian Music Perspective charts. She is a contributing writer to "My Journey of Faith Devotions", as well as a member of the Knoxville Songwriters Association and the Inspirational Country Music Association. Most recently, she was part of the cast in Dollywood's Parade of Many Colors. To bring Tori to your church or event, email her at tori@torigay.com.